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Serial Endosymbiosis Theory (SET)Diagrams of endosymbiotic cellsSecondary endosymbiosisEndosymbiotic transfersEndosymbiotic Gene TransferEvidence for EndosymbiosisMitochondrial originsHistory of ideas concerning endosymbiosis

Dispersal and regulation of an adaptive mutagenesis cassette in the bacteria domain.Adaptive evolution of bacterial metabolic networks by horizontal gene transfer.Free Full Text . Search . evidenceDivision of Endosymbiotic OrganellesScienceWeekNew Cellular Evolution Theory Rejects Darwinian AssumptionsMECHANISMS OF, AND BARRIERS TO, HORIZONTAL GENE TRANSFER BETWEEN BACTERIAA molecular timeline for the origin of photosynthetic eukaryotes.Evidence for the establishment of aphid-eubacterium endosymbiosis in an ancestor of four aphid families.A secondary symbiosis in progress?
Gene switching in Amoeba proteus caused by endosymbiotic bacteria -- Jeon and Jeon 117 (4): 535 -- Journal of Cell ScienceEvolution of flagellaShaping the mitochondrial proteome.
The apicoplast: a review of the derived plastid of apicomplexan parasites.Diatom genomics: genetic acquisitions and mergers.Possible evolutionary significance of spirochaetes.Undulipodia, flagella and cilia.Cell symbiosis [correction of symbioisis] theory: status and implications for the fossil record.Symbiosis as a mechanism of evolution: status of cell symbiosis theory.Early evolution of microtubules and undulipodia.Kingdom Animalia: the zoological malaise from a microbial perspective.Search for eukaryotic motility proteins in spirochetes: immunological detection of a tektin-like protein in Spirochaeta halophila.On the origin of mitosing cells. 1967

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